Our efforts to protect families and future generations from toxic chemicals could be dismantled by closed door, secret negotiations for a new US-EU trade agreement known as TTIP (or TAFTA). 

Unless we take action. 

Tell negotiators:
Don't undermine progress on
toxic chemicals!

Why? TTIP could


Slow progress in reducing the use of toxic chemicals. 


Continue to leave taxpayers paying the health and financial costs of toxic chemicals in our food, water, and air. 


Fail to reward businesses that invent safer alternatives to toxic chemicals. 


Prevent necessary action on emerging threats, such as hormone disrupting chemicals and nanomaterials.


Delay the elimination of toxic chemicals in products destined for the US and EU by foreign manufacturers. 

We call on EU-US negotiators to keep chemicals out of TTIP to protect human health and the environment. Negotiators should: 

1. Exclude chemical manufacturing, use, and disposal from the scope of the Regulatory Cooperation Council, and chapters, or annexes of TTIP;
2. Preserve democracy by preventing governments on either side of the Atlantic from delaying or influencing  how policymakers on the other side choose to protect their citizens from toxic chemicals; 
3. Increase access to confidential business information for the public and foreign governments;  
4. Ensure that speculative benefits for international trade do not trump vital protections for people and the environment;
5. Oppose the creation of scientific advisory committees dominated by industry-linked scientists; 
6. Exclude investor state dispute settlement; 
7. Halt the export of any natural gas produced through unconventional methods, such as fracking.

We also call on the US Congress to oppose Fast Track negotiating authority for TTIP and other trade agreements that have profound impacts on public policy and demand open, informed public debate.