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The next 24 hours are crucial. 

Gustavo Castro Soto

On March 2, gunmen shot and killed internationally-renowned human rights and environmental defender Berta Cáceres in her home in La Esperanza, Honduras. Her murder is a tremendous loss for Honduras, the region, and around the world for all those working for a more just and sustainable world.

An exhaustive and impartial investigation into the attack is critical to ensure that the perpetrators – AND architects – of Berta’s murder are brought to justice.

Gustavo Castro Soto, a Mexican human rights defender working with Otros Mundos-Chiapas, is the sole witness of the attack and now a key part of the investigation, placing him in danger.

Please send a letter to Honduran, Mexican and embassy authorities demanding security for Gustavo, who continues in Honduras, and to halt the criminalization against COPINH.

Every email, call, mention in social networks is important to ensure Gustavo’s safety and to support the legitimate struggles of COPINH.

TAKE ACTION: #JusticiaParaBerta and #SeguridadParaGustavo

(Personalizing your message, both subject line and letter text, has greater impact.)